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How to choose and buy a computer?

This article will be useful both for beginners in the computer business and for people who have some experience of communicating with a computer. And the “guru” of computer technology may be of great help. How? It’s very simple – you can send newbies here, who sometimes get bored with their “childish” questions. 

What is the computer for? 

Let’s say you decide to get an “iron friend”. But a simple desire to buy such an interesting thing is not enough, you also need to understand for what purposes you need a computer. Having decided on your needs, you can start choosing a specific model. The choice is influenced by the prioritization of the use of the computer, as well as who will work on it. 

Usually a computer is needed: 

  1. For office work (office computer); 
  1. For enjoying computer games, watching thin. films and listening to music tracks (home computer); 

Office computer 

Designed for common tasks at work or at home. Let’s say in order to use the Microsoft Office product suite, simple graphic editors, 1C software, e-mail or play games. If you want to choose an uncomplicated office PC, then you can completely get by with a simple entry-level video card or even built into the motherboard, an integrated sound controller, a small hard disk (hard drive) and not the most powerful processor. 

Home computer 

This type of “hardware” is usually used for study, recreation, simple games and work with multimedia (video, music). It should be noted that recently games are becoming more demanding on PC resources, so it is desirable to have a processor with a high operating speed, a powerful modern video card, a sufficient amount of “RAM” (very important for windows). A spacious hard drive will allow you to store the desired number of movies, music, software, games. 

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