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History of tablet computers

We are all accustomed to the fact that tablet computers are considered a miracle of technology, an absolute innovation and invention of Apple. Did you know that the invention of tablets dates back to the days of the first sites and the transmission of information by one symbol. 

In 1968, Xerox decided for the greatest convenience a computer should have a size approximately equal to a book and have a touch screen, although scientists did not succeed in creating a touch screen with the then undeveloped technologies. At that time, however, it was impossible to create and, ordinary for today, a PC. 

 Later, the dream of tablets appeared on TV screens in some series. For example, the prototype of the tablet PC appeared in the TV series “Star Trek”. 

 The idea of creating a tablet was not forgotten, and in 1991 the first really working tablet PC was released for mass use. Oddly enough, this first tablet was developed in Apple laboratories. 

 He received all possible realities and prizes for innovation, but in the 90s he did not receive any recognition due to the lack of all the proper functions (he could not play music due to the lack of a player, there was not enough power and quality of the screen image to watch movies, and was simply inconvenient for working with documents) and was closed as an unsuccessful and costly project. 

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